An oldie but a goodie, from May 2012 and “Confessions of a Curvy Girl”Out of the Mouth of Babes, A Curvy Girl Perspective.

How do you deal with the blunt honesty your young child(ren) dole out to you?  With an outwardly smile and a inwardly “STFU or I will kill you” thought process.

My youngest has added these gems over the past couple of years since I posted “Out of the Mouth of Babes”:

“Momma, when will my forehead have those lines like yours?”  Baby, don’t wish for these wrinkles…..ever.

“Momma, I LOOOVVVEEEEE your figgy pudding belly!” (As she squishes her face into it and makes kiss-y sounds).  Love, I am so thrilled you love me unconditionally and recognize my squishy flub as the real estate that housed you, your brother, and your sister for a collective 26 months of pregnancy.  <*Note to self:  do MORE ab exercises!>

“Momma, I love playing your butt bongos!” (Yes, she stands behind me and swats a rhythmic beat out on my rear end.)

Arg.  Kids always tell it to you like it is and you love them unconditionally so.  <After you get over the stabbing pain right through your heart and your incessant mirror peering with 563 different angles to see if you can make said figgy pudding less, er, um, figgy?

What have YOUR kids said to you?